Futbol?,Soccer?,or Fireball is the 2nd episode of the season 2

of the wacky adventures of Luke it's the 32th episode overall

Synopsis Edit

When Luke tries to show Jake soccer he doesn't understand so he shows Luke his soccer called fireball.

Plot Edit

the episode begins with Jake asking Nicole where Luke is and she replies that he's at soccer pratice and that he'll be back at 5 o clock . Jake using his wand made a portal to the soccer field unknown what soccer is .At the field the players are taking a break. Jake says hi and asks him what he's doing and he says soccer but it's times to continue playing .Afterthe game they go through a portal home.At home Jake asks what soccer is and he asks if he knows what futbol is and he says no.

Main Characters Edit

  • Luke
  • Jake

Minor Characters Edit

  • Nicole
  • Unnamed coach
  • Unnamed Players
  • Joey
  • Daniel
  • Damian
  • Nate
  • blob monster

Trivia Edit

  • Solomon doesn't like soccer so it's unknown why he made Luke like it so much
  • Futbol means Soccer and Football

Continuity Edit

  • this is the 3rd appearence of Planet Roller Skates.The others were ''The Sweat, old migdet planet, and '' the picher i mean picture''
  • This is the 2nd appearence of Luke's couch