Jacob ''Jake'' Stevens is a main character in The Wacky Adventures of Luke. He is an alien bear from Planet Roller Skates who got a specal wand to take to earth . He was voiced by solomon in season 1 but changed to syaler gel in season 2 and 3.

Personalty Edit

Jake is a nice bear who will do stuff for anyone with his wand. He likes dragging Luke to different portals meeting new people .He can turn into a monster when angered so you have to use the wand to stop him.

Appearence Edit

Jake is a brown alien brown bear.He wears a green shirt with a Picture of planet roller skates, and blue jeans but they change to skinny jeans in season 2 and 3. He also wears black [changed to blue in season 2 and 3]and white shoes.

History Edit

when jake was three humans came to hunt bears so they put

Trivia Edit

  • Jake is based on the creator's brother