This is the seventh episode of the second season and the thirty-seventh episode overall

Synopsis Edit

A bunch of people get zapped into a a ghost so Luke has to get zapped himself to put people back in their bodies

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The episode begins with at luke's house. Luke,Julien, and Steve are bored.Julien says they should go to the mall.At the mall they go to the food court,then luke says they should go to the get a new i phone 6 machine.When they get there it's turned off. Steven says the mall is empty .Julien thinks the mall is closed and they were locked in but the doors were still open. then steve gets zapped. Julien and Luke scream.then steve taps them but he's a ghost. They had enough they walked out but in steve's case fly.At Luke's house his mother and stepdad are not there then something taps him. it was his friends and family .Amy tried to kiss luke but went thruogh him. then him says sorry.then Julien gets zapped.he starts complaining that he can't go to boy scouts like this . then he finds out it's damian .then damian sees hi m and zaps him. then the boys punch all the ghosts back in their bodies ,then everybody tells damian's mom and he gets in trouble.

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..unnamed old ladies





Trivia Edit

.this is the second episode where Amy tries to kiss Luke.the first was ''Girls''.

.season 1 was planning to have 40 episodes so this would've thirty-seventh episode of season 1