Lucas'' Luke'' Stevens one of the main characters and the titular character of The Wacky Adventures of Luke. He is a boy full of happiness. He is voiced by bob salsa

Personalty Edit

Luke is the main characters of the show. In a world full of problems he barely. According to history

History Edit

When Luke was three his dad left for a work trip. he was gone for 2 years which was unusual for a work trip back then luke made up a lot of new holidays but his dad didn't come for any of them when he was five luke's dad left in the middle of the party for another work trip then sadly 1 month later his parents got divorced and he was only 5 years old

Appearance Edit

Luke is a skinny[in season 1] boy.his hair is black and spiky ,he has freckles, and has brown skin.He wears a blue shirt with a yellow smile on it

[season 1] red short striped socks- black shoes

[season 2]-orange striped socks- blue shoes

[season 2-3 ] red and orange striped socks- blue shoes


Episode Appearences Edit

Luke has appeared in all of the show's episodes so far

Trivia Edit

.It is revaled in ham and chesse that his real name is Lucas but he likes Luke better